January 2019 Newsletter



Families must request all semester two material purchase orders by FEBRUARY 14th. The final day to turn in receipts and request sibling transfers or purchase orders for vendor course instruction is MARCH 29. Don’t let these dates sneak up on you. Notify your teacher early in the semester about all curriculum and instructional needs.

From Our Director…

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that half of our school year is over! Our first semester accomplishments were “through the roof”.  Many of our high school students are attending community college and earning dual enrollment credits. The skills and relationships built in these courses will carry them far in to adulthood.

Families are singing the praises of Exact Path. Just minutes a day on the program is building confidence and skills in our students. We are so thankful to those who are working hard to achieve their academic goals.

All California charter schools face great uncertainty in our current political climate. Both our new Governor and State Superintendent do not support charter schools in the way their predecessors have. Now is the time to show everyone that alternative public school education works. Together we can prove that our kids are learning!

Thank you for your dedication to your children and our school.

Heather Marshall
Heather K Marshall  M. Ed
Director, Sutter Peak Charter Academy

jan 2019 boot camp schedule

Don’t Miss Our January 24th Math / ELA Night Out

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Nov '18 Math & ELA Night

High School Counselor Office Hours

Counselor Hours Header.jpg

spring 2019 counselor hours

Upcoming Family Field Excursions


 2/7             **Capitol Corridor Train Ride to Bay Area– Approx. $20 per student charged to budgets, parents/siblings approx. $20

Sign-Up Window- 1/28-2/1

2/14           Sacramento Railroad Museum @ 10am & 10:30am, Free

Sign-Up Window- 2/4-2/8

2/28           IFLY – $45 per student charged to budgets

Sign-Up Window- 2/4-2/8

*Sign-Up Window for Exploratorium & Ferry Ride 2/11- 2/22


 3/1             IFLY – $45 per student charged to budgets

Sign-Up Window- 2/4-2/8

3/14           B Street Theater- Charlotte’s Web @ 11:30am, students are free, parents/siblings $8

Sign-Up Window- 2/25-3/1

3/21           Exploratorium & Ferry Ride @10am, $20 per student charged to budgets, parents/siblings $20

Sign-Up Window- 2/11-2/22

3/29           Sacramento Adventure Playground @ 12-2pm, Free

Sign-Up Window- 3/18-3/22


4/4             Folsom Zoo @ 10:45, students are free, parents/siblings $5.50

Sign-Up Window- 3/25-3/29

4/12           Sierra College Natural History Museum & Planetarium

                  @ 9am, students are free, parents/siblings $6

Sign-Up Window- 4/1-4/5

4/25           Jelly Belly Factory @ 10am, Free

Sign-Up Window- 4/8-4/12


 5/2             Old Sacramento History Museum Gold Panning and Historical Scavenger Hunt @ 10:30am, students are free, parents $5

Sign-Up Window- 4/23-4/30

5/9             Hidden Falls Hike @ 10am, Free

Sign-Up Window- 5/1-5/8


December 2018 News

Semester One is almost over, and the entire Sutter Peak family is looking forward to a winter break! We are all looking forward to a NEW YEAR.

NEW in 2019

Online Career Training Education High School Courses

Sutter Peak is excited to launch new opportunities for students to gain education directly applicable to a field/profession in which they are interested.  Not only will these courses fulfill their CTE (Career Technical Education) requirement for graduation, but also give students education in their industry of choice.  When a student earns a certificate from one of these courses, it gives the student an opportunity to stand out among candidates for potential vocational programs, colleges, and jobs!  Here are the highlights:

  • This is an online curriculum which is completely web based.  If the student has a connection to the internet, s/he can complete this course.  No other programs are necessary
  • We will give 5 high school credits for completing the course.  If they pass the certification exam, the student will earn 5 more high school credits for a total of a year’s worth of credits for one semester’s worth of work!
  • There is no cost to the student for this course.  The cost of the certification exam is $40 which can come from the student budget.
  • Once a student passes their certification exam (70% =  passing), a nationally recognized certificate is mailed to the school.  The teacher will deliver this to the student.
  • The student’s progress will be monitored by your Sutter Peak teacher.
  • Ask your Sutter Peak teacher for a class catalog.


December 14th Mountain Mike’s Fundraiser

Visit Mountain Mike’s on December 14th to support Sutter Peak Charter Academy. Don’t forget to bring an invitation, and be sure to thank Mountain Mike’s for supporting our school!

Pacific Charter Fundraiser Invite Antelope 12-14-18

Pacific Charter Fundraiser Invite Carmichael 12-14-18

Pacific Charter Fundraiser Invite Yuba City 12-14-18



On The GO Academy
Register Now for the Spring 2019 semester at On The Go Academy! https://form.jotform.com/83131449001142

Tours available M-Th 10-2 til Dec 13th! Contact us today at onthegoacademy@gmail.com or call 916-581-0032. Located at 801-Z Riverside Avenue Roseville, CA




Families must request all semester two material purchase orders by FEBRUARY 14th. The final day to turn in receipts and request sibling transfers or purchase orders for vendor course instruction is MARCH 29. Don’t let these dates sneak up on you. Notify your teacher early in the semester about all curriculum and instructional needs.




January 24th

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

The Crossing Church – 1227 North Market Blvd


Don’t miss out on future family field lessons. Semester two has some great opportunities in store. Check out this list and mark your calendar with the sign up windows.

PEAK PERFORMERS – Budding Artists

Enjoy these masterpieces by our students

art 3
by Makeala Dutton
art 1
by Harli Krabbe
art 2
by Brianna Carpenter

November News


  • November 2: Last day to enroll for Fall TK-8
  • November 7: All Fall Purchase Orders Due (Amazon, A Brighter Child, Lakeshore, etc)
  • November 19-23: Thanksgiving Break
  •  November 30: All Fall Reimbursements Due and Fall Sibling Budget Transfers Due (including all materials, supplies, internet, pre-paid activities for November and December). This means every-single item you want reimbursed must be paid ahead of time and submitted to your teacher with a completed reimbursement form on or before November 30.

Math & Reading Night Out

Nov '18 Math & ELA Night

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Math Boot Camps

Math Boot Camp Header

Math enrichment

UPDATE: Placer County Park Days Begin Feb 1

Rocklin Park Days[1774]

Family Field Lesson Highlights

Our recent Family Field Lessons were so much fun.

mrf 1

The Sutter Peak crew donned hardhats and orange safety vests when they toured the Roseville Materials Recovery Facility where they experienced reducing, re-using, and recycling our waste. Our students are the greenest!

Ca Museum1

Sutter Peak students thoroughly enjoyed the Constitution Wall and all of the interactive exhibits at the California museum on October 25th and 26th.



On November 1st, we took in the sights, smells, and tastes of Apple Hill. Did you know Miss Abel is the only female apple orchard owner at Apple Hill? Thank you Abel’s Apple Acres for a great lesson!

Don’t miss out on future family field lessons. Check out the list and sign up windows here.



Family Field Excursions

Effie Yeaw Nature Center

We had a wonderful time at the Effie Yaw Nature center exploring all kinds of natural habitat and local wildlife. We experienced life as the native Maidu people once lived, hiked along many Ancil Hoffman Park trails and  spent time along the Sacramento River.

Marshall Gold Discovery Site at Coloma State Historic Park

We had an amazing time at Coloma State Historic Park and may or may not have found GOLD at the mill site! The blacksmith showed us how to make a flower out of iron. It was an exciting time with lots of outdoor discovery opportunities for all who attended.

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm

Pig races, a hayride, a train ride, pumpkin picking, a carousel and fresh apple cider made our time at Bishop’s Pumpkin farm jam-packed with fun learning. It was a perfect day for a pumpkin patch field excursion.

Reluctant Reader No More!


reluctant reader

When this reluctant reader started with Sutter Peak a few years ago, he was barely able to read level 1 readers and was frustrated, being so far behind his peers.  I worked with him daily, trying different programs, reading with him, encouraging him to slow down, trying many different writing styles and genres until we starting finding content that captured his interests.  Over the course of a year and another summer, as this guy developed better reading skills and the frustration decreased, he became more and more interested in chapter books and developed stories.  Flash forward to this year, over the course of a couple of months, this guy devoured over 20 chapter books in print and in audio versions, often giving up other free time activities to finish chapters or sometimes books.  He has read every book in his favorite series (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and he’s very proud of his accomplishments.  The best part – he no longer dreads reading assignments!  We are very proud of him!