Volunteering and Internships


As a school, it is our goal to have every child volunteer in their community.  Our youngest students may find time to help a neighbor pick weeds, clean up parks, or read to a smaller child.  Older students will support local opportunities to give back.  All students that participate will keep a portfolio of activities, descriptions and photos.  By the end of high school, the Sutter Peak student will have a wide variety of experiences to draw from.

Volunteering Ideas and forms for Students in grades k-3rd

K – 3rd Volunteer Form

  1. Make bag lunches for the homeless at a nearby shelter.
  2. Offer to do chores to raise money for a charity.
  3. Do household chores or yard work for elderly neighbors.
  4. Go to a nursing home and sing for the residents.
  5. Help wash, fold and sort family laundry.
  6. Pack up boxes for Operation Christmas Child or for a deployed service personnel.
  7. Write/draw Holiday (Christmas, Valentines, St Patrick’s Day, etc.) cards to the elderly in nursing homes and children in children’s hospitals.
  8. Send cards to armed forces.
  9. If you have an idea, let us know!

Volunteering Ideas and forms for Students in grades 4th-6th

4th-6th Volunteer Form

  1. Shelve, sort, and unpack food at a local food bank or pantry.
  2. Organize a canned food drive or a pet supply drive.
  3. Read stories to little children at churches, daycares, or libraries.
  4. Hold a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate the profits.
  5. Sew or knit hats for the homeless.
  6. Make no-sew blankets for Project Linus (for children who are sick).
  7. Volunteer to shelve books at a library.
  8. Offer to be a mother’s helper for a new mom.
  9. Make foster care kits (hygiene items, comfort items, pjs, small toys).
  10. Bake cookies for fire fighters and emergency service personnel.
  11. If you have an idea, let us know!

Volunteering Ideas and forms for Teens:  We are working on a Habitat for Humanity volunteer project. Stay tuned for more information.

7th-9th Volunteer Form

10th-12th Volunteer Form

  1. Prepare and deliver meals to folks who are home-bound.
  2. Volunteer with a non-profit or community event.
  3. Work with the local Rotary on community service projects.
  4. Help out at a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or SPCA.
  5. Run errands for an elderly neighbor or family member.
  6. Babysit for free for a family with a deployed parent.
  7. Become a Big Brother/Big Sister or mentor to a younger child who needs help.
  8. Volunteer at Special Olympics.
  9. Tutor/coach younger kids who need extra help in school or in sports.
  10. Work with an organization serving people with disabilities.
  11. If you have an idea, let us know!


The Sutter Peak Charter Academy Internship program is open to all of our High School Students if you should be interested.  Our program will be available for you to enhance your resume, boost your marketability, and teach basic responsibilities of real-life jobs.  As we approach local businesses, we would like to know where your interests lie as you begin to think about life beyond high school and college.

The goal of the program is to provide students with hands-on experience in a field of interest and to help them narrow-in on their abilities, form opinions about future jobs, and explore options for college and work pursuits while providing them with a valuable educational experience. Students will be matched to unpaid internship opportunities based upon their career interests and abilities with the goal of making decisions about college and future career searches.  The Sutter Peak staff will assist students in connecting them with an employer and setting up the internship.

Please contact your teacher to plan an individualized internship opportunity.

Internship Program Interest Letter

Employer Information

Internship Time-sheet

Midpoint Evaluation Form

Final Evaluation Form


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